Where in the world is Meg?

Hello there! So it's been a long time since I've updated this blog, figured it would be a good time to show it some love again. I've been travelling a lot these past months here a few of my favourite photos.

Flat vs Real

I am in love with the new flat design trend. I hope it's here to stay.

This fun little web site puts the two trends face to face with a little Mortal Kombat game at the end!

Check it out here.


Interesting marketing strategy by Apple.

Apple doesn't want anyone but them using the gold and colourful iphones in advertising. Read about it here

While your at it check out the new ad for the coloured iphones. I'm seriously considering getting the yellow one....no - wait - pink one... umm err blue!

Stop everything and order some Kittens!

If you live in NYC, SF or Seattle today is your lucky day! Uber is delivering kittens for you to cuddle with, order yours now! What are you waiting for? This kind of marketing magic doesn't come around everyday.



A new logo for Yahoo!

Did you notice? 

Most people have no idea how much goes into designing a logo. This video makes you realize the science behind good typography.  

Lucky Peach

This week I discovered the food mag Lucky Peach.  Very entertaining stuff here...not your average food mag! I love how they show you the creative process for their covers. A quick little sketch can really help get your point across. The current issue is so smart and playful.